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Mortgage Services advisor

Mortgage Services

Mortgage Services

Here at Matthew’s we like to offer a complete service to our customers including Mortgage Services to ensure that buying or selling your home is a easy and stress free as possible. One of the first things to do when buying or selling your home is to get your finances in order. This means speaking to a good mortgage advisor. 

Taking out a mortgage is one of the largest financial decisions you make. The mortgage market is very competitive, and for most people it is not something you consider regularly, so it can be hard to understand what exactly is on offer. There are many different providers and a wide range of products and rates available. 

So it’s a good idea to talk to your bank, as well as a number of independent mortgage advisors, before making up your mind.

How Can Mortgage Services Help?

A Mortgage Advisor can help you: 

  • Check the amount outstanding on your current mortgage
  • Check to see if you could suffer from any early repayment penalties
  • Check if you are likely to be able to port your mortgage to the new property
  • Shop around for a better deal

Independent Mortgage Advisor

At Matthews of Chester we have our very own in-house independent mortgage advisor, Christopher Collins.

Chris has years of experience in the Mortgage services, and is able to give expert advice . (See our listing on the FCA register)

Just call in or give him a ring on 01244 346226 for some free initial advice.

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