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The Shipgate, Chester

Matthew’s of Chester were appointed to the management of The Shipgate Development in Chester in November 2013. For over 25 years The Shipgate was self-managed by three officers elected from among the 17 property owners. During this period the Executive Officers had to manage many complex issues such as maintenance, legal and financial matters, insurance and occasional owner/tenant disagreements. Faced with less time, availability and complex leasehold legalisation, it was unanimously agreed to transfer all the management of the property to a professional managing agent.

We have found MoC consistently efficient, prompt and courteous, particularly in the months of handover. There has been learning on both sides, and MoC staff have gone out of their way to be helpful. They have been honest and transparent in their dealings, have handled the finances and insurance efficiently, and have shouldered the burden of many practicalities. They have been swift to respond to all issues, especially in emergencies (e.g. water-leaks in the public areas of the building, bees nests ect). They have also dealt efficiently with routine maintenance and repairs (e.g. roofing, conservatory windows) and contractors to carry out work. Were the tenancies are concerned we have a win-win situation in that MoC have gained new letting business and at the same time have ensured that we have first-class maintenance.

 In summary, the Executive Officers are delighted with the appointment of Matthew’s of Chester because of their professionalism, efficiency, integrity and certainly not least, the very pleasant personal relationship with all the staff; there have been no disappointments and The Shipgate Development look forward to a long-term continuing relationship.

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