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The Quarter, Chester

After a thorough review of potential companies, we appointed Matthew’s as our Management Agents from May 2011, when they replaced most unsatisfactory predecessors.

During the four years working with us, they have made notable progress in improving the general appearance of the site, establishing a caretaker system, tackling unforeseen maintenance issues and turning around the health of our finances. One of the most challenging changes was the smooth introduction of a new parking scheme, which they accomplished with ease.

They are a very respectable local company and working with The Quarter has given them a wealth of experience in Block management expertise. It is fair to say that they are now very much a business partner, rather than a service provider. As such, they are continually seeking ways in which they can offer further improvements and refinements to our relationship.

Being Estate / Letting Agents as well as our Management Agents, they gain a much greater insight to issues affecting our properties and provide owners with the opportunity for a seamless connection between what can be very disparate considerations.

We would not hesitate to give Matthew’s our highest recommendation.

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