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Selling your Chester property – five ways to make it look more spacious -

When it comes to house-hunting, size does matter. 40% of potential buyers say they’re put off by a lack of space.

If you’re looking to sell your house but worry that the rooms are small, don’t fear. We have over 30 years of experience helping Chester property owners to sell more successfully. Here are our five top tips to maximise the space you have. 

Keep it neutral

Whether your walls are painted or wallpapered, lighter colours reflect more natural light around a room, making it feel more airy and less cramped.

It’s a great idea to stick to light neutrals. Think white, subtle off-whites, or soft greys and creams. If you opt for wallpaper, avoid patterns that are too ‘busy’.

Mirror, mirror

We’ve all heard that a mirror can make a room look larger. This works for two reasons: the reflection gives an illusion of additional depth, and the mirror bounces light all around the room.

Positioning is important. Wall mirrors should be hung at eye height for full effect.

Let there be light

Using only overhead lights can mean that some parts of the room aren’t illuminated — making the space appear darker and smaller. Make use of lamps, ceiling lights and natural light sources to make sure your rooms are lit evenly, which can provide a sense of brightness and space.

Clear the clutter

You already know to tidy up but think about clutter too. Stowing DVDs, toys and other clutter into smart enclosed storage will help your room breathe a sigh of relief. Clearing the floor in particular can have a huge impact.

Visual clutter counts too. When hanging artwork, a single large canvas or print looks less cluttered than multiple smaller images, giving a feeling of space.

Moving on up

If your room has a low ceiling, you’ll want to avoid low-hanging pendant lamps. But an interesting flush or semi-flush ceiling light will pull the eyes upwards, giving an illusion of height.

When it comes to curtains, go long. Fit the curtain pole 5–7 inches above the window, and opt for a curtain with a long drop. This interior designer’s trick draws the eye along the whole length of the curtain, making the windows appear taller.

 We’ve been helping Chester property owners to sell their homes for three decades. To find out more about how we can help you sell your home, speak to our expert team now.

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