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Let Your Property With Us

let your property with us

We're an ARLA Propertymark licensed agent who can take care of everything for you.

Let with us

why let your property with us?

  • We’ve built our Lettings service around providing great independent advice and excellent customer service that goes above and beyond what you would normally expect.
  • We’re proud to have been operating a thriving Lettings service within Chester and the surrounding areas for over thirty years, so you can be certain your property will be in safe hands.
  • As an ARLA licensed agent, you can rest assured you are dealing with professionals who have the correct legal training, client money protection and subscribe to a strict code of practice. ARLA also provide a route to redress if anything should go wrong and insist that their agents hold professional indemnity insurance.

we take care of everything

Our experienced lettings valuer will visit your property to offer advice on letting and the rent achievable. Your property will be advertised within hours of instruction in our offices, on our website, Rightmove and OnTheMarket. We offer a range of packages depending on your needs and circumstances, from tenant find only to full management.


All tenants are fully referenced and approved by you before the tenancy agreement is drawn up. We can then manage the property for you if you wish, taking care of everything from collecting the rent, visiting the property, sorting out repairs and dealing with the check-out and deposit return.


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our lettings ethos

We don’t insist on a fee for six monthly tenancy renewal.

We don’t charge check in and check out fees.

We don’t tie you to long management contracts.

We do clearly display all our fees on our website and in our offices.

We do genuinely believe in providing the kind of service we would expect if letting our own properties.

We do listen carefully, understand your concerns and give straight talking advice.

landlord zone

Useful guides and advice for landlords from the experts at Matthew's of Chester.

A Guide to Legislationopen accordion

If we are managing your property, we can arrange for all of these checks to be done for you by our fully qualified contractors at a cost to be advised by our office.


We have put together a summary of your obligations below:


EPC – Energy Performance Certificates


These certificates are valid for 10 years.


There is a legal requirement for landlords to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for all prospective tenants. This must have been ordered before you advertise your property to rent.


The certificate will provide a rating of the energy efficiency and carbon emissions of a building from A to G, where A is very efficient and G is very inefficient. This allows prospective tenants to consider energy efficiency and fuel costs before deciding to rent the property. These certificates are valid for 10 years.


From April 2018, proposed legislative changes would make it unlawful to let residential or commercial properties with an EPC Rating of F or G (i.e. the lowest 2 grades of energy efficiency).


The Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1998

You must provide your tenant with a Gas Safety Certificate which must be renewed annually. An engineer on the gas safe register must complete the check before the tenant is allowed to move in. The certificate confirms that:


  • Pipe-work, appliances and flues provided for tenants are maintained in a safe condition.
  • All appliances and flues in the property have an annual safety check.
  • All gas equipment (including any appliance left by a previous tenant) is safe or otherwise removed before re-letting.


The gas safety certificate must be provided to the tenant within 28 days of completing the check or to any new tenant before they move in. A copy of the certificate must be kept for two years.


The gas safety certificate must be provided to the tenant within 28 days of completing the check or to any new tenant before they move in. A copy of the certificate must be kept for two years


Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994


There is no statutory obligation for landlords to have professional checks carried out on the electrical system or appliances. However, legislation under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 means there is an obligation to ensure that all electrical equipment is safe


We recommend that a qualified electrician undertake an initial electrical check before letting your property and further periodic inspections of appliances and wiring should be carried out as per the recommendations.


Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988


Furniture and furnishings supplied in rental accommodation must comply with the above regulations. Some materials used to fill or cover furniture, particularly older and second hand furniture, may be a fire risk and often produce poisonous gases when burning, such as cyanide or carbon monoxide.


Manage your property well and the risks to you as landlord or agent are minimal, but manage it badly and your risks are quite high.


You have two choices: Let your property unfurnished or make sure all your furniture and furnishings meet the regulations, they must carry an appropriate permanent label at point of sale.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations (2015)


Landlords must ensure that a smoke alarm is fitted on every floor of their property where there is a room used wholly or partly as living accommodation. It is also mandatory to put a carbon monoxide alarm in any room where a solid fuel is burnt, such as wood, coal or biomass. This includes open fires but does not include gas, oil or LPG.


Landlords or agents have to ensure that the alarms work at the start of each new tenancy.


Legionella Risk Assessment


The law is clear that if you are a landlord and rent out your property (or even a room within your own home) then you have legal responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of your tenant by keeping the property safe and free from health hazards.


A simple risk assessment undertaken by a competent person will be sufficient to ensure you comply with current legislation but it is important to review the assessment periodically in case anything changes in the system.


Implementing simple, proportionate and appropriate control measures will ensure the risk remains low. For most domestic hot and cold water systems, temperature is the most reliable way of ensuring the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria is minimised i.e. keep the hot water hot, cold water cold and keep it moving. Other simple control measures to help control the risk of exposure to Legionella include:


  • Flushing out the system prior to letting the property.
  • Avoiding debris getting into the system (e.g. ensure the cold water tanks, where fitted, have a tight fitting lid).
  • Setting control parameters (e.g. setting the temperature of the hot water cylinder (calorifier) to ensure water is stored at 60°C).
  • Make sure any redundant pipework identified is removed.


Tenants should be advised of any control measures put in place that should be maintained e.g. not to adjust the temperature setting of the calorifier, to regularly clean showerheads. They should inform the landlord if the hot water is not heating properly or there are any other problems with the system so that appropriate action can be taken.


It is important that water is not allowed to stagnate within the water system and so there should be careful management of properties left vacant for extended periods (e.g. student accommodation left empty over the summer vacation). As a general principle, outlets on hot and cold water systems should be used at least once a week to maintain a degree of water flow and minimise the chances of stagnation.

Considerations Before Lettingopen accordion

Whether you are thinking of buying your first property to let or already have a large portfolio, you need an experienced letting team you can trust to provide you with help and advice every step of the way.


Here at Matthew’s we will go beyond what you would normally expect to make letting your property as easy and stress free as possible. Our aim is to do the simple things right: maximising your income, lowering your risk and giving you peace of mind.


Considerations before letting


We will offer you comprehensive advice on how to present your property for letting in order to maximise your rental yield. Here are a few initial considerations:


  • Presentation

    Think about how you present your property to the market initially. Freshly painted properties in neutral colours with modern bathrooms and kitchens and decent carpets and curtains will rent more quickly and give a better return.

  • Furnishing

    Decide if you want to let the property furnished or unfurnished. Best to leave unfurnished if not supplying new or new-ish items. See our guide to legislation for regulations relating to soft furnishings.

  • Permissions

    If you have a mortgage on your property you must inform the lender as there may be limitations. Similarly you should check that your buildings and contents insurances cover you for letting the property. We can recommend an insurance provider if necessary. If your property is leasehold, you must check there are no restrictions within the head lease and whether you are required to gain permission before letting.

  • Overseas Landlords

    If you are to be an Overseas Landlord you are required by the Inland Revenue to register as a non-resident Landlord for the purposes of taxation. You will be issued with an approval number, which allows us to pass gross payment on to you. Without this approval number we are required to withhold income tax and pay it over to the Inland Revenue on your behalf. We can provide you with the appropriate application form for submission to the Inland Revenue.


To book your free market appraisal, call 01244 346226 or visit our website.

Landlord - Buy to Let Morgagesopen accordion

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